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What you need to know about Northglenn property management and real estate investing

Pros and Cons of Owning Northglenn Investment Real Estate

Northglenn is a landlocked suburb of Denver with a housing stock that is generally older, with little room to build new housing units.

This fact creates a buying opportunity for real estate investors to purchase investment properties in Northglenn that are on average 23% lower than prices in surrounding areas.

Northglenn is a blue collar working class area with lots of renters creating strong demand for rental homes. Northglenn has built new community amenities including retail and restaurants and is drawing renters into the area because of its affordability and yet close proximity to Denver.

Investors interested in Northglenn should either look for an updated property or plan on spending the money needed to update a property.

We are big fans of Northglenn as an investment area and manage a number of properties in the area.

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  • Lower than average home price presents buying opportunity
  • Close proximity to Denver
  • CAP rate (investment rate of return) is higher than some other areas
  • Community amenities


  • Older schools are rated lower than some other neighboring cities
  • Most housing is older and there is very little new construction
  • Crime rate is higher than in some other areas

Overall Northglenn Real Estate Investment Rating