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What you need to know about Loveland property management and real estate investing

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Pros and Cons of Investing in Loveland Real Estate

Loveland has been one of the fastest growing Northern Colorado cities for the past decade and does not show any signs of slowing.

The community amenities offered in the Centerra retail area, The Lakes at Centerra residential home communities and throughout Loveland make the city an attractive place for people to stay long-term.

For investors, Loveland offers a diverse housing stock with investors able to purchase older homes, mid-range condos, or higher end homes. This diversity in housing creates stability of pricing and given the high number of local businesses - we believe Loveland to be a safe place with minimal downside risk for real estate investors.

While rental rates have historically risen quickly in Loveland, there have been several class-A multi-family community that have recently come online which is causing a small decrease in demand for rentals. We do not yet know if this is a case of "over building", but new residents continue to relocate to the area.

We own real estate in Loveland and believe it to be a strong and stable investement opportunity for the future.


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  • Excellent amenities & health care
  • New businesses coming to town
  • Diverse housing stock of both new and older homes
  • Excellent location close to Fort Collins and Rocky Mountains


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  • Lots of new multi-family class-A construction may be sign of overbuilding
  • Public education system is rated lower as compared to neighborhood cities

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