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What you need to know about Broomfield property management and real estate investing

Are you considering partnering with Grace Property Management for the management of your Denver rental property? If so, we have 10 numbers that will give you a glimpse into how we operate, and help you decide if we're a good fit for each other.

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Pros and Cons of Investing in Broomfield Real Estate

We like Broomfield as an area for long term buy-and-hold properties!

Broomfield is an attractive place to live and it draws high income residents due to the high quality of local education, close proximity to both Denver, Boulder, and the Rocky Mountains, and many fast growing technology companies.

The amenities in the area include Flatirons Crossings mall, many local restaurants and shops.

The challenge for many people to buy into Broomfield is simply the higher price of housing. The Broomfield rental market is historically strong as most homes are owner occupied - which is exactly where you want to be as an investor!

This is an ideal market for converting your owner occupied home into a rental property and is also a very solid and stable location offering low risk, but also lower returns as compared to some other areas.


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  • Affluent Community
  • Exceptionally ranked school system
  • Major employers
  • Lower than average crime rate
  • Community amenities


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  • Lower than average appreciation rate
  • CAP rate (investment rate of return) is lower than some other areas
  • High real estate prices make housing affordability a challenge for many residents

Overall Broomfield Real Estate Investment Rating:


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