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What you need to know about Erie property management and real estate investing

Are you considering partnering with Grace Property Management for the management of your Denver rental property? If so, we have 10 numbers that will give you a glimpse into how we operate, and help you decide if we're a good fit for each other.

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Pros and Cons of Investing in Erie Real Estate

The only downside of buying a rental property in Erie is that you are going to pay a lot to purchase the property!

When residents are in the area - they rarely leave. This is due to the low crime rate, good schools, excellent amenities and close proximity to Denver and the mountains.

If you currently own a home in Erie, we recommend consider keeping it as a rental, rather than selling it. We believe homes in Erie will contine to appreciate and given the high quality of the city residents - it is a great area which gives owner / investors a pride-of-ownership factor that is hard to match.


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  • Very low crime rate
  • Average income per capita is over $100,000
  • Good schools


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  • Home prices are very high
  • CAP rate (investment rate of return) is lower than some other areas

Overall Erie Real Estate Investment Rating:


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