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What you need to know about Brighton property management and real estate investing

Pros and Cons of Owning Brighton Investment Real Estate

We consider Brighton an up-and-coming area and city when it comes to real estate investing.

The city of Brighton is further North of Denver than many communities that are considered Denver suburbs. This creates a buying opportunity for investors looking for lower than average real estate prices (average Brighton real estate is 20% lower than Colorado averages). The net effect is that the CAP rate (return on investment) is often higher in Brighton.

The risk of Brighton real estate investing is that the community is located geographically further away from other metro Denver areas and does not have the local industries, amenities, and infrastructure that other communities have. This creates a buying opportunity, but also is a little higher risk area as compared with other local suburbs.

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  • Lower price point for most real estate
  • Increasing rental rates
  • CAP rate (investment rate of return) is higher than some other areas
  • Significant upside if the real estate market continues to strengthen


  • 25% higher crime rate as compared to average Colorado city
  • If the overall real estate market declines, communities like Brighton will be the first to be impacted
  • Quality of public education is poor as compared to other counties

Overall Brighton Real Estate Investment Rating