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What you need to know about Commerce City property management and real estate investing

Are you considering partnering with Grace Property Management for the management of your Denver rental property? If so, we have 10 numbers that will give you a glimpse into how we operate, and help you decide if we're a good fit for each other.

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Pros and Cons of Investing in Commerce City Real Estate

When someone refers to 'Commerce City', a clarification question is usually required as to "do you mean new commerce city, or old commerce city.

The "old" commerce city area is made up of lower income housing units, contains few amenities, and have higher than average crime rates. Rentals in this area do generate higher than average CAP rate returns on money invested; but along with those higher returns comes additional risks and time intensive management requirements.

The "new" commerce city areas primary include Reunion, and the other new housing neighborhoods located on East 104th Ave. This area is made up of newer construction neighborhoods and nice amenities.

The Reunion area is a popular investment area in that it is geographically close to Denver International Airport (DIA) so a higher number of residents have ties to the airport which is a stable income source. We manage a number of homes in this area and it has shown itself to be a stable area for investors.


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  • Close to Denver International Airport
  • Nice amenities in the newer areas
  • CAP rate (investment rate of return) is higher than some other areas


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  • Higher than average crime rate
  • City covers a large geographic area so has diverse income areas and quality of housing areas
  • Quality of public education is poor as compared to other counties

Overall Commerce City Real Estate Investment Rating:


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