Agent Referral Program

Our referral program will help your clients, make you look good, and increase your income.

Since 1978 the success of our business has been built on relationships of trust. If you are a real estate agent we can help you succeed in working with your real estate investor clients.

Whether your client is a new investor, or an experienced real estate investor - we can give you a professional rental analysis to present to your client AND help keep them away from a money-pit property. You may also find our property management educational videos useful which you may view by clicking here.

We are recognized property management educators with the Colorado Association of Realtors (CAR), we teach national and state CE courses to agents, and we work with some of the top local real estate companies in Colorado as their trusted property management resource.

We respect your relationship with your client. When they are ready to buy or sell, we will encourage them to work with you.

For each owner-client you refer to us, we are happy to pay you a tiered referral fee starting at $250 and increasing by $100 for each additional client, up to $1,000. You can trust us to serve you clients with the highest level of service and professionalism - and we will make you look good!

Call me personally to chat about how we can work together. Marc Cunningham, President
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