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What you need to know about Aurora property management and real estate investing

Pros and Cons of Owning Aurora Investment Real Estate

Up until a few years ago we did NOT recommend Aurora as a strong long-term investment area.

This was due to dilapidated infrastructure, over abundance of low-income housing, and high crime rates.

However, today Aurora is in the midst of a classic long-term, city-wide revitalization project. This revitalization is still in the early phases of the plan which means that real estate prices are significantly lower (25%) than those in the surrounding Denver areas.

This presents an opportunity to investors who are willing to take on a little more risk along with more work and active management in the day-to-day management of most Aurora properties.

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  • Potential future price appreciation
  • Lower than average prices
  • New infrastructure and business
  • Higher than average CAP rate (investment rate of return)


  • One of the higher crime rates in the metro Denver area
  • Active management is required due to higher risk area
  • Quality of public education is poor as compared to other cities

Overall Aurora Real Estate Investment Rating