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What you need to know about Highlands Ranch property management and real estate investing

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Pros and Cons of Investing in Highlands Ranch Real Estate

Highlands Ranch is the epitome of Colorado living. There are 26 city parks, 70-miles of biking/walking trails, and over 2,500 acres of open natural areas. Located 17-miles South of Denver, Highlands Ranch has become a very popular destination spot for many investors, homeowners, and tenants who are looking to escape the downtown Denver market.

Anyone who has school-aged children cares about the local quality of education. As a real estate investor, you should too! It means a lot to prospective tenants and may be the differentiating factor between your rental property and another. The education system within Highlands Ranch is arguably the best in the State of Colorado. The district boasts a 91% graduation rate, a very diverse student population, and experienced staff.

Highlands Ranch is a good investment opportunity as it still has room for price appreciation and is a low-risk real estate investment area. However, rental rates are not affordable and the quantity of tenants willing to pay these high rental rates is lower than other areas. This will likely lead to an increase in your vacancy expenses as homes tend to stay on the rental market longer.


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  • Outdoor entertainment
  • Arguably the best education system in CO
  • Diversity in housing stock


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  • Housing affordability
  • CAP rate (investment rate of return) is lower than some other areas

Overall Highlands Ranch Real Estate Investment Rating:


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