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Top 3 Colorado Cities for Real Estate Investors

Perhaps the most frequently asked question we get from investors is, “Where should I buy and what areas should I stay away from?” In this blog, we break down the top three Colorado rental markets currently presenting the most opportunity for real estate investors. 


  1. Thornton
    This Colorado city is experiencing high growth. Not only in residential property, but also in retail growth. This commercial growth will continue paving the way for more residential growth to occur. Thornton is primed to have rent appreciation, however we would advise investors look to single-family residential rental investments rather than multifamily properties in this area. Another driver that pushed us to include Thornton at the top of our list is the fact that Amazon is moving in. With more jobs comes more housing demand.

  2. Broomfield
    Close to Boulder, Broomfield is a great location to offset the housing bubble happening in the Boulder metro area. The downside is that Broomfield pricing is high, however if you’re able to get in, we expect high appreciation. Broomfield offers great school districts and tenants, landing it at number two on our list of Colorado cities to invest.

  3. Arvada
    With a redeveloped new downtown area, the Arvada rental market is experiencing a resurgence that is actually drawing Denver residents in. Coupled with lower housing costs, this niche community holds strong future investment opportunity.

Denver may be an area to avoid simply because prices are sky high. However, Colorado is a great investment destination for those investors willing to diversify out of the Denver metro area and into the surrounding suburban rental markets. If you want more information on any of this information, check out our Owner Resources page or give our team a call at 303-255-1990.

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