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Denver Rental Licensing Requirement (Update & New Rule)

Key Points

  • This applies to all rental properties located in Denver County 

  • Licensing requirements starting January 1st, 2023

  • New rule: Licensing numbers must show on all advertisements

Last year Denver County passed a rental licensing requirement that must be followed by all Denver county rental investors. 

  1. This licensing requirement applies to properties in Denver County. Although we expect this licensing concept to be adopted by other counties over time. Boulder County and other cities have placed similar requirements for their landlords which is identical to the  Denver County rule.

  2. As of January 1st, 2023, all multi-family properties are required to have a rental license. Landlords have had a 12-month timeframe to complete this application process. This only pertains to properties of more than one unit, so all multi-family rental properties. The licensing requirement will apply to ALL rental properties (including single-family rentals) effective January 1, 2024. Single-family rental property owners can apply now and must have the licensing in place by 2024. 

  3. In order to obtain the license, the property must pass an inspection performed by a qualified third-party inspector, who has been approved by Denver County.

  4. A new rule requires that the landlord license number must be disclosed in all advertising of the property. This allows the County to quickly and easily ensure a property has a license in place anytime a property is being marketed for rent. 

As this is a new program, we expect that it will continue to be modified over time. In our opinion Denver County has done a very good job of communicating with landlords on how the program works and answering questions. 

If you own a rental property in Denver County it is very important that you complete this licensing process to ensure compliance. If you are an owner-client of Grace Property Management we will complete this process on your behalf. 

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